The Strategic Goals

• The development of academic programs for undergraduate and graduate programs and research in all departments of the college.

• Develop and implement a system to evaluate students and courses and educational programs as a whole, and the adoption of self-evaluation of the performance of the university as an entry point for internal and external review and the application of quality assurance systems and access to credit.

• the introduction of a culture of self-evaluation regular and continuous improvement and total quality assurance through the creation of a common language of the concept of quality and spread awareness among the academic, administrative and student community college up to the quality assurance and accreditation.

• Participate in the environment and meet the challenges of society and earn the confidence of the community in all the outputs of the education system graduates and research professional and community services in line with national, regional and international service standards.

• Design and implement appropriate model to evaluate the performance so that it integrates all components of the university system elements and are compatible with national, regional and international standards.

• Full and realistic diagnosis of performance constraints at the college level with a proposal to develop solutions and develop plans for improvement in various areas.

• Build trained staff and effective Academy in the area of ​​performance evaluation and quality assurance and accreditation.

• cooperation with the units and centers and committees and bodies and organizations of quality assurance and rely on national and regional level.